06/29/2015 (Day 8)

Just a couple of pictures will write in a bit. Trying to outrun the heat?


Made it to Islamorada!!


This thing is four feet long… Jurassic World!


I name that island Rasta Point!! Lol


It’s amazing how many keys are on the side of the road in the keys!


My feet hurt… (-:


Just a peak at what beauty God provides for us..


Walked quite far today, stomach much better didn’t have much food so that probably helped. I’m sleeping right off US1 close to the water I’m hoping for a breeze cause it’s still pretty hot. I’m meeting with a gentleman that walked across the country barefoot to bring awareness for suicide and Veterans. During my research for this trip I had read about him and his endeavors he contacted me via email a couple days ago and he lives in Key Largo. I’m going to stay at his house tomorrow so I can get cleaned up and he’s going to share with me what he learned on his trip so hopefully it’ll make mine a little bit easier. I look forward to spending some time with him and learning from him, it’s amazing how God sees us through hard times. Much love to all, Rasta


06/28/2015 (Day 7)

What an eventful day today has been. after speaking with some guys that have done similar walks for charity they’ve all encouraged me to try to walk a little bit less every day with a longer break in the middle of the day. I’m struggling a little bit with heat exhaustion it’s causing me to throw up the water that I’m drinking several times a day. I really don’t feel bad but all the sudden I get dizzy for a second and then vomit and afterwards I feel fine. I just have to try to drink twice as much to catch up on all the fluids and just left my body unexpectedly. Well I’m going to start walking again it’s 5:15 p.m. and I would like to try to walk for another hour or two get a few more miles under my belt. I have some cool stories to tell I’ll finish those this evening and get them up on this blog. thank you for all your moral support and prayers I really appreciate it and I also look forward when donations start coming in it’s a little bit depressing that more money has not been earned but I’m sure it will come when time is right. Oh yeah, I also picked up the nickname Rasta because my hammock is the same colors as the Jamaican flag so I’ve had four or five people come up to me and call me Rasta so that’s my name now… Rasta signing out!!!


Well I made it to Long Key this evening overall it was a pretty good day other than getting sick. I came into the State Park to fill my water bottles and started talking to the Ranger they ended up giving me a primitive camping spot that way I would be safe and have access to an outdoor shower which was wonderful. I figured out to the keys bird is the mosquito insect is a no see um and their pain in the butt is a raccoon. I’ve been battling all three all night lol. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make it half way to Key Largo then take a rest then Tuesday I’m going to make it to Key Largo hopefully, there’s a gentleman that lives there that actually walked across the United States barefoot for veterans he had emailed me so we spoke I’m going to stay at his house Tuesday night so I can do laundry and get cleaned up and have a hot meal. during my research for this trip I had actually read his book so it’s kind of neat that I’m going to get to meet him. well I’m going over to give my phone to a camper on the regular camping side so I can charge because on the primitive side there are no outlets. I miss everyone and I’m encouraged that if I keep pressing on donations will start to come in so we can actually help some very deserving young individuals. I will post something tomorrow morning and let everyone know how the mosquito battle ended! much love to all, Rasta

06/27/2015 (Day 6)


Sorry for the late post. I slept in a bit and it got hot so I just started walking. I’m feeling pretty well today back in good shape so far, legs are weak I went a little far yesterday but had a good pace for about six or seven hours. Met so many awesome people so far. My buddy Bob is getting me hooked up with the VFW for support as far as filling water bottles and putting up my hammock! I will post more later. Much Love


Well today I was going to take a rest day which I basically did. I woke up this morning and walked for a while then hid from the heat of the day, then walked up to a state park took a shower there cleaned up my clothes and organized my stuff. I I left there and walked a little further and then set up camp early. I’m sorry these blogs aren’t very long I’m trying to keep up with it but its hard. Once I get a good schedule going I’ll set aside an hour just to write and explain what I did that day. I also want to write more about the people around me they’re pretty amazing. People are starting to recognize me from walking and they’re much more friendly now coming up and asking what I’m doing and looking at me like I’m nuts lol.

Here’s a picture of my camp tonight I’m about a half a mile north of the state park that I took a shower at earlier. I also met a couple girls they filled up my jugs with ice they we’re very nice. They said they’d seen me walking over the last few days as well. It’s getting dark so I’m going to lay down. My eyes are getting very heavy. Captain John Smith aka Weather Dude has given me the all clear! Much Love to all!!

06/26/2015 (Day 5)



This is my wake up this morning. I stayed on Shark Key and I have one word… mosquito… I didn’t sleep well at all I got bit a million times lol. It’s all good thou. I have to get packed up and see how far I can get before the heat gets me! 


Stopped of at Sugarloaf Marina for some shade and to fill my water bottles. The management gave me a poweraid and bug spray!! Also was introduced to a beautiful young lady who gave me some cashews and is buying me lunch tomorrow at a health food store on Big Pine Key my GPS lied to me Big Pine is further away than I was lead to believe. Nothing but awesome people so far I love this except missing all my girls… You to Dave and Dave lol


This was a heck of a day. The donations are not going as I had hoped and this is hard!!! I sure hope things pick up soon. I’m feeling a bit discouraged.


06/25/2015 (Day 4)


Got a decent start this morning going to Big Pine Key today. Taking a breather at Stark Island to hydrate and banana up. Well update soon at lunch!


Ended up taking it slow today it is extremely hot didn’t quite make the Big Pine Key it was further out than what I was told made a little over 10 miles had to turn back once so it added some extra time. Overall I’m pretty happy with my progress considering the heat. lost my good insulated water bottle somewhere it fell out of the holster and I didn’t hear it hit the ground. I’m not exactly sure where I am I was walking saw a shady spot with two trees set up the hammock and that’s where I’m at now. Overall happy with my progress considering the heat. Lost my good insulated water bottle somewhere it fell out of a holster and I didn’t hear it hit the ground. Not sure where I am I was walking saw 2 trees set up a hammock. I might pack up and carry on a couple hours see how my legs and feet feel. I know it’s going to be a rough start I’ll do a little more everyday till I get to my goal. I miss my kids and my friends can’t wait to see them, unfortunately its going to be a few days later but I hope soon. I didn’t talk to that many people today probably six or eight so far it was all very positive. I’m going to rest for a while the update and let you know if I’m going to continue on to try to see if I can pull off a few more miles. Much love

06/24/2015 (Day 3)


Had a couple of awesome dudes I met down here in Key West give me some really nice camping gear so I’m getting packed up now they made me a great breakfast one of them knows a guy from a sign company so we’re going to run over there to see if the guy can give me a better sign to carry than the one I currently have, then I’m out of here I’m going to do a short run today probably 10 or 12 miles try to make it to Big Pine Key. It’s supposed to be pretty hot and a little bit of rain so we’ll see how it goes I’ll post more before I leave.


This day has turned out to be incredible. The guys I met on here let me to stay at their house last night, wash my clothes, let me let me take a shower, helped me pack my gear, and gave me some fantastic lightweight hiking gear. They also took me over to a sign shop who’s making me a professional sign to put on my backpack instead of the generic ratchet sign that I made myself it looked like a four year old made it. It’s got an American flag on it it’s got all the information and it’s going to definitely bring more positive and professional attention towards what we’re trying to accomplish. It is causing me to leave a few minutes later than I wanted to but I will still make it to my destination tonight no matter how late I have to walk and is well worth it. I was also able to get hiking poles, a camping towel, insulated water bottles, hiking shorts, moisture wicking t-shirt, a Sun hat, and a weatherproof stuff sack all for under $4.00. I will post more and I will be on the road here shortly but today has been amazing. I was also called from the VFW who’s going to give me support and try and make sure I have water the entire way thru the keys which is going to be a tremendous help. There’s only a few more items that I need but I can do without and I can’t wait to get back up to Brevard to see my family and friends. more later!


Stardate 201. 7 Captain John Smith please acknowledge the weather. Lol

Once again everything took longer than anticipated I got the sign. I got almost all my stuff packed up and needed another stuff sack and a few other items the guys I stayed with last night offered me to stay one more night and they’re helping me get packed up and situated. Marshall JP’s friend and my new friend had some nice lights to put in the back of my pack when I walk at night so we’re going to get batteries he took me to Fridays for some appetizers and we’re going home to cook dinner. I will be leaving tomorrow morning between 5 & 6 a.m. and I’ll hit a double time. I’m very eager for this get started but I’m also very happy I took my time got my pack lighter got my gear in much better shape and feel much more comfortable and confident about the trip now. I called ahead and spoke to the sheriff along with the VFW they are helping me out with water and places to put my hammock so it should make it a nice easy walk out of the keys. Just blisters and heat I know I can handle that, and probably sore feet, knees, hips, back, and arms. Lol I already miss my girls but will see them soon. I may post again tonight if not talk to you in the morning!!

Much Love to all

06/23/2015 (Day 2)


I’m sitting here at the southernmost point of the USA looking out at the ocean and how beautiful it is. I’ve already started meeting some wonderful people I’ve been helping people out take their picture while i wait on the press guy to come and interview me. I can’t wait to get this trip started, I’m very encouraged how it’s going so far and I know that through my friends and to the help of the Lord this is just going to be a great trip. I was able last night to sleep in a marina in an enclosed area put my hammock up I got a very good night’s sleep. Mariners hospital in Tavernier Florida donated a pillow and some nice light sheets they were light weight for me to carry They gave me a nice meal and a sandwich to take with me with some waters, and invited me to stop back by when I’m heading north and take a shower and clean up which will be awesome. I’m not sure how today is going to work if I can get done with the media people early enough I’m going to go ahead and try to walk out of Key West if not I was offered to stay at the marina again tonight so I can get a start at 5 a.m. . It’s kind of a long hike to get out of Key West and I have to do it in one shot or I’ll get stuck in the area without a comfortable place and safe place for me to crash. I’m going to start posting more pictures on facebook spend more time on the blog and hopefully have a lot of encouraging stories to tell from these people I’m meeting from all over the world. I’ve had a lot of commitments from people that they’re going to donate to this cause! I have my children and some contractors that have committed to helping me organize work for needy veterans. So this is where it starts its taking me a week to get here and get my gear somewhat organized and try and get a plan put together. My first rest stop will be back in Brevard County to spend a night or two at my daughters house to let my feet rest get cleaned up and get a couple good meals in me, then it’ll be on to Jacksonville to hang out with my brothers up there at Trinity. I’ll post more later on after meeting with the media and let you guys know how it goes.


The meeting with the reporter and photographer went great they seemed excited about our project. I spent the day walking around site seeing. I received a phone call from JP the guy I met last night and invited me to his buddy’s house to have dinner and relax in the ac. He is a really good cook and grilled vegetables. Also avocado and chips. I’m not sure where I’m going to stay tonight. I might just put the hammock up in his backyard if it’s okay or go back and stay under the marina and take off early morning. I will post a couple pictures on Facebook from today This is going to be a short blog post. I’m going to go a short distance tomorrow 10 our 15 miles. I need to get used to the heat and weight.
Much love to all

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