Well, it’s finally Thursday at around 6:30 a.m. I’ll be leaving tomorrow on Greyhound to go to Key West, Florida. I’m pretty excited about the trip starting I’ve postponed going down to the keys by one day to spend the afternoon with my daughter’s Justiene and Kristin whom I’ve been saying with. it’s very important to me to try and earn some money in order to help out wounded or special need soldiers that have come back from protecting our country and Trinity Rescue Mission in Jacksonville, Florida where I learned so much about patience, tolerance, sobriety, love, and my higher power the Lord Jesus Christ, but my family is as important so a one day later to start is not that big a deal. father’s Day is on Sunday and I’m not going to be here to celebrate it with my kids I have my youngest daughter who lives in Colorado so I think I’m going to reroute how I’m walking to get me close to her so I can spend a day or two of rest and meet my granddaughter Lydia. well that’s about it for today tomorrow I would hope that would be able to post more and give you more thoughts and feelings about the trip beginning. and probably a couple of funny pictures from the Greyhound ride down to Key West it’s about a 5 hour trip by car or by Greyhound is approximately 24 to 25 hours lol. seriously!!!

Craig E. White
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