06/19/2015 Explanation of trip!


Well today is the day. .. Packing up now for the trip to Key West, FL. I will sleep behind a church tonight and start walking tomorrow morning.  I am taking a weird route,  my daughter is driving me a little ways south there i will take the tri-rail to Miami then i will hitch hike or take greyhound to key west,  so i hope to make it there by tonight lol. On the train ride i will write more and give greater detail to what i am trying to accomplish along with the guidelines i am putting upon myself. Will update on train.


I made it to the train thanks to my daughter Kristin! I am very happy to get this trip started! I will explain my thought process in more detail now. I am doing this for many reasons some are selfish most are pure. I will start with the selfish… because doctors for the last ten years continue to tell me what I can’t do.

(1) I will never lift more than ten pounds. My backpack is sixty.

(2) I shouldn’t ride dirt bikes, run, or climb because of my knees. We will see about that.

(3) I’m crazy take so these meds. First part is true but I don’t take any meds for mental health.

(4) I will be on pain medication for the rest of my life. Um… been over a year.

Now the real reasons, I spent almost a year in Jacksonville, Florida working with the homeless didn’t make a cent doing it what I got was a massive lesson about a problem we just ignore. I also had obvious ties to the veteran’s thru my past and was shocked at how many actual hero’s are on the streets many for years! Long story short I am leaving Key West on 06/22/2015 on my way to Seattle Washington on foot. I will not accept any rides period. I will camp behind churches or on the side of the road no motels. I have left my home with no money my daughter will handle all that for me. I will live by God’s grace and people’s good will. I will never drink or use any drug during this trip outside over the counter medications. The money raised will go between a couple homeless shelters and the VA helping wounded hero’s ego have returned home with special needs. Please follow me, encourage me, call or write me.

Much Love to all!!!

Craig E. White
Twitter – USA_in_strides
Blog – usainstrides.WordPress.com
Facebook & e-mail – whitecraig321@gmail.com
Mobile # 321.405.8022


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