06/20/2015 Slow, hot, and windy

0615 – Woke up in a haze the entire night I could not sleep well. I was attacked with mosquitoes, rain, little animals, the police pulling people over on us1 about 50 feet from where I had my hammock set up so sleep just wasn’t meant to be last night. I did get some walking done though it was a slow start in the morning my back hurt my legs hurt my throat hurt I had a brutal headache and I thought to myself….you just said it’s time to man up and do this so I did. I chugged a gallon of water that I got out of the faucet at Winn Dixie and took off down the road.

I have some exciting news exciting to me at least, a news team has asked if they could meet me at the southernmost point on Monday early afternoon for me to take off from that spot they’re going to publish it in the Key West news paper and then forward it to the NBC affiliate in Miami to see if they want to write anything on it. I look forward to people finding out about what I’m doing and donations to start coming in so we can start helping out some people. I had such a great time last night with Kristin, Justiene, and Jasmin’s friends on Facebook texting back and forth hearing encouraging comments knowing that people are praying for me and knowing that the young people actually do care about the older ones that have been out fighting for the country so that we can have a wonderful wonderful place that we live in now.

Well today I made it this far is Tavernier  it was pretty hot today around  101 degrees. I drank about three and a half gallons of water and I took a rest stop at a small hospital when they came up and started talking to me they thought that I was dehydrated so they brought me inside brought me glasses of water gave me a dinner of fish and steamed rice and vegetables and then stuck in IV in me with some electrolytes to help boost me up a little bit they did all of this out of the kindness of their heart because they thought it was cool what I was doing. I’m a bum with an agenda lol.

If you are reading this from World Press and not linking from Facebook if you go look at Facebook l will include some pictures that apply to today and I will do that every evening from now on as long as I have WiFi service I love everybody wish me luck and let’s get together and help some people.

much love to all

Craig E. White
Twitter – USA_in_strides
Blog – usainstrides.WordPress.com
Facebook & e-mail – whitecraig321@gmail.com
Mobile # 321.405.8022


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