06/22/2015 (Day 1)


Getting checked out by a doctor this cold has gotten crazy. I’m feeling very anxious will be standing at the southernmost point marker this afternoon with the press and media there, and I look forward to getting this walk started. I want to thank everybody that’s already signed on and all the wonderful comments that I get every day. I also want to thank my kids who are very supportive and loving and give me the strength to even dream that I can be able to do something like this. I pray this walk will rise awareness and raise some money to help our veterans whether they be homeless or if they need any special assistance as far as wheelchair ramp, doors widened for wheelchair access, or possibly even a van able to transport the handicapped. I will post more later after the photoshoot along with some pictures and I look forward to hearing back from all of you on facebook. I also want all of your input should I maintain my Twitter account it doesn’t seem to have any activity and it’s just that much more work for me to do. I was thinking that Facebook is pretty much the main social media that I will use along with my blog, the only problem with that is I would be making a lot of posts to let people know where I’m at in case they wanted to stop and talk because that’s half of why I want to walk across the country is to meet people and talk to them about what I believe is a major problem.


I’m finally here what a hot walk!! I will post my take off from the southern most point in the am! I’m very excited and love you all. I really hope to raise awareness and funds for our hero’s!!! Please share and send me positive thoughts and prayers!

much love to all

Craig E. White Twitter – USA_IN_STRIDES / Blog – usainstrides.WordPress.com / Facebook & e-mail – whitecraig321@gmail.com / gofundme.com/USA_IN_STRIDES


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