06/24/2015 (Day 3)


Had a couple of awesome dudes I met down here in Key West give me some really nice camping gear so I’m getting packed up now they made me a great breakfast one of them knows a guy from a sign company so we’re going to run over there to see if the guy can give me a better sign to carry than the one I currently have, then I’m out of here I’m going to do a short run today probably 10 or 12 miles try to make it to Big Pine Key. It’s supposed to be pretty hot and a little bit of rain so we’ll see how it goes I’ll post more before I leave.


This day has turned out to be incredible. The guys I met on here let me to stay at their house last night, wash my clothes, let me let me take a shower, helped me pack my gear, and gave me some fantastic lightweight hiking gear. They also took me over to a sign shop who’s making me a professional sign to put on my backpack instead of the generic ratchet sign that I made myself it looked like a four year old made it. It’s got an American flag on it it’s got all the information and it’s going to definitely bring more positive and professional attention towards what we’re trying to accomplish. It is causing me to leave a few minutes later than I wanted to but I will still make it to my destination tonight no matter how late I have to walk and is well worth it. I was also able to get hiking poles, a camping towel, insulated water bottles, hiking shorts, moisture wicking t-shirt, a Sun hat, and a weatherproof stuff sack all for under $4.00. I will post more and I will be on the road here shortly but today has been amazing. I was also called from the VFW who’s going to give me support and try and make sure I have water the entire way thru the keys which is going to be a tremendous help. There’s only a few more items that I need but I can do without and I can’t wait to get back up to Brevard to see my family and friends. more later!


Stardate 201. 7 Captain John Smith please acknowledge the weather. Lol

Once again everything took longer than anticipated I got the sign. I got almost all my stuff packed up and needed another stuff sack and a few other items the guys I stayed with last night offered me to stay one more night and they’re helping me get packed up and situated. Marshall JP’s friend and my new friend had some nice lights to put in the back of my pack when I walk at night so we’re going to get batteries he took me to Fridays for some appetizers and we’re going home to cook dinner. I will be leaving tomorrow morning between 5 & 6 a.m. and I’ll hit a double time. I’m very eager for this get started but I’m also very happy I took my time got my pack lighter got my gear in much better shape and feel much more comfortable and confident about the trip now. I called ahead and spoke to the sheriff along with the VFW they are helping me out with water and places to put my hammock so it should make it a nice easy walk out of the keys. Just blisters and heat I know I can handle that, and probably sore feet, knees, hips, back, and arms. Lol I already miss my girls but will see them soon. I may post again tonight if not talk to you in the morning!!

Much Love to all


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