06/27/2015 (Day 6)


Sorry for the late post. I slept in a bit and it got hot so I just started walking. I’m feeling pretty well today back in good shape so far, legs are weak I went a little far yesterday but had a good pace for about six or seven hours. Met so many awesome people so far. My buddy Bob is getting me hooked up with the VFW for support as far as filling water bottles and putting up my hammock! I will post more later. Much Love


Well today I was going to take a rest day which I basically did. I woke up this morning and walked for a while then hid from the heat of the day, then walked up to a state park took a shower there cleaned up my clothes and organized my stuff. I I left there and walked a little further and then set up camp early. I’m sorry these blogs aren’t very long I’m trying to keep up with it but its hard. Once I get a good schedule going I’ll set aside an hour just to write and explain what I did that day. I also want to write more about the people around me they’re pretty amazing. People are starting to recognize me from walking and they’re much more friendly now coming up and asking what I’m doing and looking at me like I’m nuts lol.

Here’s a picture of my camp tonight I’m about a half a mile north of the state park that I took a shower at earlier. I also met a couple girls they filled up my jugs with ice they we’re very nice. They said they’d seen me walking over the last few days as well. It’s getting dark so I’m going to lay down. My eyes are getting very heavy. Captain John Smith aka Weather Dude has given me the all clear! Much Love to all!!


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