06/28/2015 (Day 7)

What an eventful day today has been. after speaking with some guys that have done similar walks for charity they’ve all encouraged me to try to walk a little bit less every day with a longer break in the middle of the day. I’m struggling a little bit with heat exhaustion it’s causing me to throw up the water that I’m drinking several times a day. I really don’t feel bad but all the sudden I get dizzy for a second and then vomit and afterwards I feel fine. I just have to try to drink twice as much to catch up on all the fluids and just left my body unexpectedly. Well I’m going to start walking again it’s 5:15 p.m. and I would like to try to walk for another hour or two get a few more miles under my belt. I have some cool stories to tell I’ll finish those this evening and get them up on this blog. thank you for all your moral support and prayers I really appreciate it and I also look forward when donations start coming in it’s a little bit depressing that more money has not been earned but I’m sure it will come when time is right. Oh yeah, I also picked up the nickname Rasta because my hammock is the same colors as the Jamaican flag so I’ve had four or five people come up to me and call me Rasta so that’s my name now… Rasta signing out!!!


Well I made it to Long Key this evening overall it was a pretty good day other than getting sick. I came into the State Park to fill my water bottles and started talking to the Ranger they ended up giving me a primitive camping spot that way I would be safe and have access to an outdoor shower which was wonderful. I figured out to the keys bird is the mosquito insect is a no see um and their pain in the butt is a raccoon. I’ve been battling all three all night lol. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make it half way to Key Largo then take a rest then Tuesday I’m going to make it to Key Largo hopefully, there’s a gentleman that lives there that actually walked across the United States barefoot for veterans he had emailed me so we spoke I’m going to stay at his house Tuesday night so I can do laundry and get cleaned up and have a hot meal. during my research for this trip I had actually read his book so it’s kind of neat that I’m going to get to meet him. well I’m going over to give my phone to a camper on the regular camping side so I can charge because on the primitive side there are no outlets. I miss everyone and I’m encouraged that if I keep pressing on donations will start to come in so we can actually help some very deserving young individuals. I will post something tomorrow morning and let everyone know how the mosquito battle ended! much love to all, Rasta


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