06/29/2015 (Day 8)

Just a couple of pictures will write in a bit. Trying to outrun the heat?


Made it to Islamorada!!


This thing is four feet long… Jurassic World!


I name that island Rasta Point!! Lol


It’s amazing how many keys are on the side of the road in the keys!


My feet hurt… (-:


Just a peak at what beauty God provides for us..


Walked quite far today, stomach much better didn’t have much food so that probably helped. I’m sleeping right off US1 close to the water I’m hoping for a breeze cause it’s still pretty hot. I’m meeting with a gentleman that walked across the country barefoot to bring awareness for suicide and Veterans. During my research for this trip I had read about him and his endeavors he contacted me via email a couple days ago and he lives in Key Largo. I’m going to stay at his house tomorrow so I can get cleaned up and he’s going to share with me what he learned on his trip so hopefully it’ll make mine a little bit easier. I look forward to spending some time with him and learning from him, it’s amazing how God sees us through hard times. Much love to all, Rasta


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