07/29/2015 (Day 38)


This is where I made my camp site last night. I took a picture of it with the hammock up but it didn’t come out.


This is a different hammock my daughter’s friend Tom gave to me to try out. It is a Vietnam era military issue. It has mosquito netting all around it was actually very comfortable I also acquired a small pillow. I just slept for 15 hours staying up for 36 was not a good idea but I covered lots of miles. I’m going on a hunt for food today I’m down to 11 bucks so I have to make that last. My buddy John “weather dude” says I’m ok for the time being with rain so I’m going to eat and then make a move!! More later much love to ya!

I met a homeless couple and after talking to them I’m amazed at how many “assistance” programs there are that are almost impossible to get assistance from. Robert lost his job due to illness and they soon lost their house. They applied to several programs but because they haven’t lived in Daytona for a year or had no minor children no one would help them. They live in a tiny tent bought at a garage sale for 5 bucks. They looked so tired I wanted to take their picture but I didn’t want to embarrass them. I shared my Ramon noodles and tuna with them and talked for an hour. They also can’t stay in a shelter together because they don’t have kids so they choose to stay together in the tent. Rob and Susan I wish you my best. )-:


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