07/30/2015 (Day 39)


Making my way over the causeway to Ormond Beach!!


Washed my clothes at the beach and took a shower!! This is my clothes line and solar charging station.


Ormond Beach it’s pretty nice here. It’s crazy how getting over the bridge makes such a difference.

It’s kinda funny I started this walk to talk to people about the homeless issue we have in this country and the only people that will talk to me are the homeless. I’ve noticed most people see me and assume I’m a bum and just look right thru me. The homeless come right up and talk to me, they usually educate me about the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. I had mentioned yesterday about the couple I met that were “stuck” the system would not let them in so they live in a tiny tent in a small patch of woods behind K Mart. Today I met a guy who was obviously suffering from a mental condition and lives on the streets. He doesn’t drink or use drugs. He walks behind the strip malls looking for food. I was hungry and he offered to share with me. I think with assistance and medication he could be in a place of his own. I am very disappointed in the way this trip is going. I really thought there would be more donations and we could help deserving people. To all that have helped thank you!! I’m going to press on and hopefully there will be a positive turn around.
Much Love to all



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