08/01/2015 (Day 41)


Today is going to be spent mapping out my route, chilling with good folks, organizing my pack. The rain is fierce today. Thank you for the heads up Weather Dude Capt. John Smith!!


I just wanted to share this menu circa early 70’s. Lol


Hotel hammock!!

Well the rain is not going anywhere so I’m going to make it a mapping day. I need to solidify my route so I can see Ashley, Jasmin, and Corrin!! I’m going to venture out when the rain slows or stops. I need to move around a bit knees giving me trouble.


07/31/2015 (Day 40)

Ok I need to get moving again I think I’ve recovered from my crazy 30+ hour marathon. My first order of business is finding some food and drinking some water, I still have two propel powders left that I use if the tap water tastes funky. My good friend Mike has invited me to visit with him and his girl we are trying to make arrangements for that to happen. My phone is almost charged up and John The Weather Dude has given me the all clear for this morning, so hopefully I will get going and take some good photos! More later.
Much Love!!

07/30/2015 (Day 39)


Making my way over the causeway to Ormond Beach!!


Washed my clothes at the beach and took a shower!! This is my clothes line and solar charging station.


Ormond Beach it’s pretty nice here. It’s crazy how getting over the bridge makes such a difference.

It’s kinda funny I started this walk to talk to people about the homeless issue we have in this country and the only people that will talk to me are the homeless. I’ve noticed most people see me and assume I’m a bum and just look right thru me. The homeless come right up and talk to me, they usually educate me about the struggles they deal with on a daily basis. I had mentioned yesterday about the couple I met that were “stuck” the system would not let them in so they live in a tiny tent in a small patch of woods behind K Mart. Today I met a guy who was obviously suffering from a mental condition and lives on the streets. He doesn’t drink or use drugs. He walks behind the strip malls looking for food. I was hungry and he offered to share with me. I think with assistance and medication he could be in a place of his own. I am very disappointed in the way this trip is going. I really thought there would be more donations and we could help deserving people. To all that have helped thank you!! I’m going to press on and hopefully there will be a positive turn around.
Much Love to all


07/29/2015 (Day 38)


This is where I made my camp site last night. I took a picture of it with the hammock up but it didn’t come out.


This is a different hammock my daughter’s friend Tom gave to me to try out. It is a Vietnam era military issue. It has mosquito netting all around it was actually very comfortable I also acquired a small pillow. I just slept for 15 hours staying up for 36 was not a good idea but I covered lots of miles. I’m going on a hunt for food today I’m down to 11 bucks so I have to make that last. My buddy John “weather dude” says I’m ok for the time being with rain so I’m going to eat and then make a move!! More later much love to ya!

I met a homeless couple and after talking to them I’m amazed at how many “assistance” programs there are that are almost impossible to get assistance from. Robert lost his job due to illness and they soon lost their house. They applied to several programs but because they haven’t lived in Daytona for a year or had no minor children no one would help them. They live in a tiny tent bought at a garage sale for 5 bucks. They looked so tired I wanted to take their picture but I didn’t want to embarrass them. I shared my Ramon noodles and tuna with them and talked for an hour. They also can’t stay in a shelter together because they don’t have kids so they choose to stay together in the tent. Rob and Susan I wish you my best. )-:

07/28/2015 (Day 37)

Well I set a personal record walking over 60 miles I’m stoked! I’m trying to get to Jacksonville ASAP I want to go to church at Trinity Baptist Church on Sunday with my friends. I also had a surgery there last year that is giving me trouble causing quite a bit of pain. I’m going to take a quick nap then take some pictures and get them posted on here. I’m going to go slow today and enjoy the scenery! Will post more later… Much Love

07/27/2015 (Day 36)

Got an early start today and am feeling pretty good. I hope to make it north of Titusville if all goes well. I’m not sure of the rain outlook I’m scared to look at it lol. Slept ok last night I stopped by the hospital ER waiting room and asked to charge my phone and get water they told me I could hang out and stay dry so I pulled out my sheet and slept in a big chair. They were very nice and had lots of questions about my trip. I’ve met lots of really nice people so far and I’ve barely got started I’ve gone just shy of 350 miles. I look forward to getting north out of the heat! Well I’m going to concentrate on taking more pictures today. Much Love to all!


Well I’m making good time today after the slow rain days I think I’m going to try to walk all night. I’m in some shady neighborhoods do want to get them behind me. I will admit my feet and back hurt, I’m a little hungry but have to budget, and I miss my girls. (You to Sab-banna and Sandy lol) I’ve bit off a big chunk here and there is no turning back. If I walk straight thru till lunch tomorrow I may make Daytona there is a church there I can rest at and get some good food. Wish me luck and remember…
Be aware/Stay awake 
Breathe and smile 
Let Go/Forgive/Accept 
Cultivate oneself/Enhance  
Cultivate contentment 
Cultivate flexibility 
Cultivate friendship and collaboration 
Lighten up 
Celebrate and appreciate 
Give thanks 
Walk softly/Live gently 
Be born anew
As always much love!

07/26/2015 (Day 35)

Bank on the road again, stopped off at daily bread a great place that feeds the homeless. I volunteered there for years do I grabbed lunch and spoke to a few people. Check out the pictures below!


I will post more later much love, Rasta

Another slow day rain rain rain… I’m going to try to walk thru the night if weather permits. I want to be in Daytona by Wednesday!! Wish me luck